WG Sebald

Episode 397 – Daniel Mendelsohn

Virtual Memories Show 397: Daniel Mendelsohn “Each of my four books is secretly exploring a genre: lyric, epic, novel, and I’m not even sure what this one is, but I wrote it entirely to please myself.” With Three Rings: A Tale of Exile, Narrative, and Fate (UVA Press), Daniel Mendelsohn has written one of my…

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Podcast 108 – Anthea Bell – From Asterix to Zweig

Virtual Memories Show: Anthea Bell – From Asterix to Zweig “There were a lot of books in the school library, and they weren’t in English, and I was mad keen to get at them.” Renowned literary translator Anthea Bell joins the show to talk about getting her start in foreign languages, the schisms in the…

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