Sara Lippmann

Podcast – The Hollow Man (#100)

Virtual Memories Show: The Hollow Man It’s the ONE-HUNDREDTH EPISODE of The Virtual Memories Show! And they said it would never last! To celebrate hitting the century mark, I asked past guests, upcoming guests and friends of the show to interview me this time around! This special episode includes questions and recorded segments with Maria Alexander, Ashton Applewhite,…

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Podcast – The Guest List 2014

Virtual Memories Show: The Guest List 2014 Two years in a row? That makes The Guest List a Virtual Memories Show tradition! I reached out to 2014’s podcast guests and asked them about the favorite book(s) they read in the past year. More than 30 of them responded with a fantastic array of books. So,…

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Sara Lippmann & Drew Friedman – Jewish Gothic and the Restless Artist

Season 4 Episode 35 Sara Lippmann and Drew Friedman: Jewish Gothic and the Restless Artist “My father, to this day, will still call and say, ‘It’s not too late for medical school!’” –Sara Lippmann Come for the Friedman, stay for the Lippmann! Or vice versa! This week’s podcast features two great conversations: first I talk with…

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