Michael Gerber

Episode 416 – Wendung

Virtual Memories Show 416: Wendung “At 50, everyone has the face he deserves,” said George Orwell, but he died at 47, so what does he know? To celebrate turning 50, I use an obscure Woody Allen movie to talk about why I can’t take stock of my life. Then the good part: I ask nearly…

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Episode 299 – The Guest List and Bill Kartalopoulos

Virtual Memories Show: The Guest List 2018 and Bill Kartalopoulos Comics scholar (and curator, and editor, and educator) Bill Kartalopoulos joins the show to talk about his role as the series editor of Best American Comics (HMH)! We get into the process of winnowing down the year’s best, working with a new guest editor each…

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Episode 293 – Michael Gerber

Virtual Memories Show 293: Michael Gerber “We’re trying to collect and broadcast this specific type of culture before the people who know how to do it properly all pass away.” The American Bystander magazine is a print-only humor magazine, and while that may seem like an anachronism in this day and age, editor Michael Gerber…

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