Episode 397 – Daniel Mendelsohn

Virtual Memories Show 397: Daniel Mendelsohn “Each of my four books is secretly exploring a genre: lyric, epic, novel, and I’m not even sure what this one is, but I wrote it entirely to please myself.” With Three Rings: A Tale of Exile, Narrative, and Fate (UVA Press), Daniel Mendelsohn has written one of my…

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Episode 358 – Daniel Mendelsohn

Virtual Memories Show 358: Daniel Mendelsohn “Achilles is a hero who is mesmerizing without being penetrable, whereas Odysseus I think I understand (perhaps hubristic to say that).” His wondrous new collection, Ecstasy and Terror: From the Greeks to Game of Thrones (NYRB), brings a dizzying array of Daniel Mendelsohn‘s critical-essayistic-memoir pieces together. We sat down…

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Episode 172 – Glynnis Fawkes

Virtual Memories Show #172: Glynnis Fawkes “A lot of how I draw comes from Greek vases. They’re like ancient comics.” Glynnis Fawkes joins the show to talk about archeology, comics, dig romances, Homer and more! We celebrate her award-winning new comic, Alle Ego, figure out how to make art while raising a family (hint: mine…

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