Month: May 2020

Episode 373 – Kathe Koja

Virtual Memories Show 373: Kathe Koja “Chaos is its own engine.” Writer, performer, director and producer Kathe Koja rejoins the show to talk about her new story collection, VELOCITIES (Meerkat Press). We talk how she’s coping with the pandemic, the importance of having a good working relationship with chaos, and why Russell Hoban’s Riddley Walker…

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Episode 372 – Tom Hart

Virtual Memories Show 372: Tom Hart “For my next book, I’m looking for a new form. Everything feels like the old form. I’m giving myself that luxury. I don’t owe this to anybody but my own creative satisfaction.” Cartoonist and educator Tom Hart joins the show to talk about how the Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW)…

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Episode 371 – Paul C Tumey

Virtual Memories Show 371: Paul C. Tumey “I regard Mad Magazine as an apex of Screwballism in comic books, and in a way, my whole book is an attempt to understand what the lineage of Mad is.” Nov Shmoz Ka Pop? Writer & artist Paul C. Tumey joins the show to talk about his fantastic…

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