Month: December 2017

Episode 249 – The Guest List 2017

Virtual Memories Show: The Guest List 2017 It’s time for our year-end Virtual Memories Show tradition: The Guest List! I reached out to 2017’s pod-guests and asked them about the favorite book(s) they read in the past year, as well as the books or authors they’re hoping to read in 2018! Three dozen responded with a dizzying array…

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Episode 248 – Cullen Murphy

Virtual Memories Show 248: Cullen Murphy “The cartoonists in that community were very intent on making their own way in life with the tools they enjoyed working with, rather than being slotted into a pathway of someone else’s devising.” This podcast has been to Hicksville and Coconino, so why not Fairfield County, CT? Cullen Murphy‘s…

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Episode 247 – Vanda Krefft

Virtual Memories Show 247: Vanda Krefft “The most interesting question about Fox is, ‘What do you do when you realize you’re not going to be the person that you want to be?’” Quick: Who is the “Fox” in 20th Century Fox? You’d know if you read Vanda Krefft‘s fantastic new book, The Man Who Made…

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