Month: May 2015

Podcast 119 – Paid In Full

Virtual Memories Show: Chester Brown – Paid In Full “Before I did I Never Liked You I would think about those high school bullies and I would get angry about them. After doing that book, I was no longer angry. I was able to put them in context and see them as just kids. ….

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Podcast 118 – Table Talk

Virtual Memories Show LIVE: Timur Vermes, Gavriel Rosenfeld and Liesl Schillinger – Table Talk “[Reading Mein Kampf] I expected to find something totally crazy and full of poison, so disgusting you couldn’t stand reading it. And what I found was something you could bear: sometimes pragmatic, sometimes logical. I was expecting a “wrong Hitler”, as…

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Podcast 117 – Vernissage

Virtual Memories Show: Jonah Kinigstein – Vernissage “Everybody was looking for the next van Gogh . . . so that opened up the space for anybody who put two sticks together to be a sculptor, or two dabs of paint on a canvas to be a painter: ‘Don’t miss him! This man is a genius!’…

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