Month: June 2014

Seth – Haste Ye Back

Season 4 Episode 23 Seth – Haste Ye Back The great cartoonist (and designer and illustrator) Seth joins the Virtual Memories Show to talk about memory and time, his love of digression, being “Mr. Old-Timey”, what it means to be a Canadian cartoonist, and learning to let go of the finish and polish that used to…

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Rupert Thomson – Wax, Rhapsodic

Season 4 Episode 22 Rupert Thomson – Wax, Rhapsodic “There is a kind of comfort in having a part of yourself that will never be known, can never be known, by others.” Genre-jumping author Rupert Thomson joins the show to talk about his new novel, Secrecy (Other Press). Along the way, we talk about the arbitrariness of “historical fiction,” the…

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Katie Skelly – Theory and Practice

Season 4 Episode 21 Katie Skelly – Theory and Practice “I’m never gonna be a parent, but if I were, I’d be like, ‘We’re skippin’ this Goodnight, Moon thing; you’re goin’ to Pale Fire.’” Cartoonist Katie Skelly joins the show to talk about her new book, Operation Margarine (AdHouse Books), which is really just an…

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