Kate Lacour

Episode 427 – Kate Lacour

Virtual Memories Show 427: Kate Lacour “The part of taxidermy that’s meaningful to me is my personal interest in interacting with physical bodies. There’s a lot of emotional weight and personal tickle involved.” It’s been a year since I started the COVID Check-In series of podcasts, so I decided to return to the very first…

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Episode 355 – The Guest List 2019

Virtual Memories Show: The Guest List 2019 It’s time for our year-end Virtual Memories Show tradition: The Guest List! I reached out to 2019’s pod-guests and asked them about the favorite book(s) they read in the past year, as well as the books or authors they’re hoping to read in 2020! More than two dozen…

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Episode 343 – Kate Lacour

Virtual Memories Show 343: Kate Lacour “Attraction/repulsion is a big response that people have expressed about my work, whether they like it or not. I like that feeling when I experience it, like when something’s gorgeous but has an air of foulness to it.” With her new book, Vivisectionary (Fantagraphics), artist Kate Lacour has created…

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